Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Self-defence is not love.
I would like to say to you.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

so busy

It was so busy in these days.
I can't concentrate on my study whereas I went out with my friends, had a drink with them and chat with them for a long time.
This week I will study so hard to get a good score in TOEIC on Saturday.

Have a good week!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

For tomorrow.

I finalized my assignments just before.
Compared with before, it is not so difficult. But I am totally bust in these days, therefore it took several time from me...oops.

Actually, I received a mail from my ex-girlfriend today. She sent me a birthday card although I hurt her hart this day last month. I have to appreciate to her and prey for happiness of her. Now we are not in relationships anymore, but I think, I hope we gonna be able to be good friend. I don’t know whether it is crucial for her or not but I sincerely hope so.

By the way, I’m really anxious about tonight sleep because I drunk too much coffee for my assignment this evening but it is already must bring bad effect on my sleep...oops. By looking back, today was not so hard day, actually it was so easy day. I went uni and attended a class, and I had a lunch with my friends then went back home, cooked curry, used Youtube and started assignments.

It is quite easy life, isn’t it??

Tomorrow, I have two classes and have to submit assignments. But, I have an appointment about dinner with my friend. I’m looking for that.

So, maybe, I have to go bed and fall asleep as early as I could although coffee will make me mad.

Have a good night!


Sunday, 16 November 2008

La la

I have almost finished my assignments. Compared with last one, it was not so difficult. I think there are some reasons for I feel it is easier than before. One is maybe I little a bit have got accustomed to the way to write an essay. Another is about content, compared with before, it was more understandable and it was like an analysis.
Actually I have to finalize it further but now I feel relax.

Today I went to Turkish restaurant with my friend, it was very delicious and also reasonable. I like it very much indeed.
Maybe it is high time to find new food and restaurant around London because I have been to same kind of restaurant too much!!
I have another 4 months to stay here, so I will pioneer new restaurant. It is a kind of obligation(haha

By the way, this week is also busy. But almost all schedules are interesting and fun for me. What is the important is my health and then I have to focus on fun!

Have a good night!


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Rolling stone

Time flies!
I can’t believe it is already in middle of November!!
I work hard for assignment, report for internship everyday and also I have had drink in weekend for this 2 weeks.
Tomorrow I will go to a symposium that is held in near Savoy hotel (unfortunately it is not in Savoy hotel) to help my boss.
In holyday I will do study for two assignments and TOEIC. I also plan to go to Turkish restaurant with my friend.
So it must be busy, but, to be honest I like being busy.

Next week, I will go to polish restaurant with my friend and also I’m going to excursion with my junior in weekend although I have to submit tow assignments on Thursday.

It will be, will be.

Have a good night!


Monday, 10 November 2008

Taps of nap

Maybe that feeling had come from 3 causes.
One thing is my personality.
One thing is my life.
The other is my value.

Yesterday my mind was not in mood afternoon to evening because of tiring of this country’s weather and, above all, those three problems.
But, now it changes.
I have a friend who takes care of me.
I have a friend whom I can sympathize.
I have a friend whom I like.

I decided to take naps for nap.
Have a good night!


Friday, 7 November 2008

Finished preparing for EAP exam

I have finished making note for an exam in EAP class today.
I wrote about internet addiction while I use internet so much. Maybe I should have written about myself(haha
This exam is a little a bit weird for me because I will have to write an essay in a class within 2 hours and teacher said me that I must not prepare my essay before the test.
But I think it is strange because I can write my essay before and remember it. I write my memo of course, but I also already wrote an essay for it although contents must be disaster.

By the way, in these days, I always think about something before I sleep down. It is OK but it takes me 30min or an hour before I’m asleep. And the thing I think must be gross...oops... But I can’t stop thinking about it. What a tiring existence human is!!

Anyway, after afternoon examination, I will go to Izakaya with ICC students this evening. It must be fun.

Have a good day!